Introduction to eSET

The Electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching (eSET) offers students and instructors the opportunity to work together to improve the quality of teaching at Oregon State University.

Through eSET, instructors are able to ask students for input on their teaching methods in a personalized fashion that goes beyond the set of Standard University Questions.  Students are then invited to provide feedback on their learning experience to their instructors in a convenient and confidential manner.

Accessing the System

Students, faculty, and certain departmental and college staff are able to access eSET by logging into OSU Online Services and selecting the appropriate menu options. eSET can also be directly accessed here by logging in using either the ONID username and password or OSU ID and GAP. If there is difficulty accessing eSET, check the browser settings to make sure pop-up windows are not blocked; try using a different browser (Firefox works best); or clear the java cache.

How the System Works

Once the deadline for students to withdraw from classes has passed, current term courses, instructors and students are extracted from the Student Information System (SIS) and uploaded into the eSET system.  Instructors are then invited to add any additional questions to the standard set of university questions. After this "instructor-added-questions period" has ended, students are invited via email to begin the evaluation process.  Students have two weeks to complete evaluations.

Following the end of the evaluation period, a variety of reports are generated.  Once this process has been completed (which can take several days), instructors are informed via email that reports are available. Certain administrative staff from academic departments, colleges, and campuses, are also able to view reports for their specific programs. In addition to viewing the results in HTML or PDF, reports are downloadable to an Excel file.

If you have questions about eSET, please contact us.