Implementation and monitoring of this policy within each College is the responsibility of its Dean or designate.

  • Advisors will have dedicated first-year advising FTE noted in their position descriptions when applicable.
  • Advisors will utilize the first-year advising syllabus to guide and structure advising meetings with students.
  • Advisors will use the notes function in MyDegrees to track student contacts.
  • Advising frequency is set:
    • as once per term for new first-year students in the first three quarters at the University;
    • at a minimum of once per academic year thereafter. More frequent advising contact is encouraged when warranted and in alignment with a College’s advising policy.
  • Colleges will utilize unique registration PINs that change annually or each term, dependent upon the frequency of advising meetings and student parameters.
  • The University "change of major" process requires a meeting with an advisor from the new College or major. and that process promptly updates a student’s degree checklist in MyDegrees.

The Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals for academic advising at Oregon State University are detailed in the OSU General Catalog.

Recommended By Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Academic Advising Council 02/14/2018
Provost 10/02/1997