The Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA) coordinates Undergraduate Academic Program Reviews (UAPR).  This in-depth review process, involving a Program's Self Study, Reviewer's Site Visit and Report, and Program's Action Plan, occurs on a ten-year cycle, with the Program's Action Plan Follow-up Report submitted and assessed in year three. The UAPR process is performed in partnership with the Faculty Senate Curriculum Council.

Graduate Academic Program Review (GAPR) process follows a similar ten-year cycle schedule. The GAPR process is coordinated by the Graduate School and conducted in partnership with the Faculty Senate Graduate Council.

10 Year Program Review Calendar

Undergraduate Academic Program Review (UAPR) Guidelines

The UAPR guidelines provide:

  • a description of the process

  • a description of the self-study and metrics

  • criteria for review team members
  • timelines and expectations
  • site visit, sample of site visit schedule and reviewers' report  
  • action plan preparation 
  • three-year follow-up report

Please contact Caryn Stoess if you have questions.