As of November 16, 2019, the CPS cannot be used to create new proposals; however, proposals that have been sent to liaisons by that date have until December 2, 2019 to be submitted into workflow.  New proposals must be created in CIM.


Curriculum proposals are divided into two broad groups:

Program Proposals which cover the creation of, changes to, or termination of degree programs, certificates, academic units, and locations. Also known as Category I proposals.

Course, Option, Minor, and Change Major Proposals which cover the creation of, changes to, or termination of courses, options, and minors. Also known as Category II proposals.

Requirements vary by the type of proposal submitted. The curriculum proposal pages provide detailed information about the proposal process and requirements for the different types of curriculum proposals.

Questions? Contact APA's Curriculum Coordinators.



Course changes, program changes, and program deactivations go into effect the following catalog year.  New courses and programs go into effect more quickly. See the catalog year policy for details.


Curriculum Proposal System

The online Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) is where all academic-related proposals are submitted. The system tracks the proposals transparently and efficiently by noting all changes and comments made to the proposal. This process generates a record that ensures the proposal is appropriately recorded in the OSU catalog, and, when necessary, enables other faculty stakeholders (liaisons) and the Faculty Senate oversight committees to ensure curricular standards are being met.  The CPS also routes the proposal to the APA Curriculum Coordinators who check each proposal for completeness and accuracy.

A proposal is NOT official until it has gone through the entire CPS process and been approved.  Proposed academic programs in the approval process may be advertised as "Pending Final Approval" once the proposal has been approved by the OSU Faculty Senate Curriculum Council.

  • All curriculum proposals are public documents - please make sure submissions are as complete as possible prior to submission to the system. Notes, comments, and routing (such as being sent back) are all documented and viewable. 
  • The APA Curriculum Coordinators are available for pre-proposal consultations. These consultations will likely help the proposal move through the system faster and more efficiently.


CPS Basics


Liaisons are individuals at OSU, such as faculty in a related program, who have an interest in a particular proposal. Liaisons are an important part of the curriculum review process because they provide feedback, identify errors and concerns, and help identify curricular overlap or dependencies between programs in different units.

Responding in the CPS

During the proposal review process, liaisons, reviewers, and proposal originators use the CPS to post questions and comments related to proposals.