Review Process

  1. Academic Programs Committee: Preliminary Meeting (review)
  2. Liaison (review)
  3. College (review/approval)
  4. Library (evaluation)
  5. Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee (review/approval)
  6. Graduate Council (graduate level only) (review/approval)
  7. Curriculum Council (review/approval)
  8. Executive Committee (review)
  9. Faculty Senate (review/approval)
  10. OSU Board of Trustees (review/approval)
  11. Statewide Provosts' Council (review/approval for certificate programs)
  12. External Review (if grad)
  13. Oregon State Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) (review/approval new degrees and branch campus)
  14. Campus Announcement

The New Program Proposal Workflow Chart is a visual representation of how the steps fit together.


    1. Signed transmittal sheet
    2. Executive summary
    3. Full Category I Proposal [New Degree, New Certificate, New Location, Substantive Change]
    4. Abbreviated Category I Proposal [New Academic Units, Extensions, Moves, Renames, Reorganizations, Suspensions, Terminations]
      • Abbreviated Category I Template
      • Establish, merge, split a college/school/department/organizational structure; Suspend or reactivate a degree or academic unit; Terminate a degree program or unit (Abbreviated review)
    5. For Graduate Programs please refer to the HECC External Review of New Graduate Level Academic Programs.
    6. Accessibility Form
    7. Space/Facilities Evaluation (Review by the Office of Capital Planning and Development; see Resource)
    8. Ecampus (If program intends to develop an Ecampus offering, obtain an Ecampus Letter of Confirmation)
    9. Library evaluation (see policy)
    10. Liaison comments: Internal to OSU
    11. Letter of Support: External to OSU
    12. Budget - All program budgets must be prepared in collaboration with a Business Center. Consult the Budget Preparation Instructions for further details and contact information.
    13. Budget Preparation Instructions The OSU Budget Narrative Example is on the last page of the instructions.
    14. Forms:
    15. Curriculum Four-Year Plan
    16. Undergraduate Assessment Plan with Program Learning Outcomes
    17. Graduate Assessment: Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

    This Resource Guide provides more information about the proposal documents.