Oregon State University values the autonomy of each academic unit; their expertise is vital to establishing the standards of competence for students in their discipline. To demonstrate this, each year all undergraduate and graduate programs submit an Annual Assessment Report documenting the assessment of student learning outcomes. Findings from the Reports help academic programs evaluate student learning outcomes and inform program improvements, specifically efforts to advance student achievement. Additionally, to be accredited, OSU must demonstrate our students are learning and that our curricula and pedagogy are responsive to full-cycle assessments.

The Assessment and Accreditation team provides structure, support, and guidance to the OSU community for assessment by:

  • Providing guidance on developing clear, measurable student learning outcomes for all programs.
  • Working with academic units to develop and implement high quality program-level assessment plans.
  • Providing structure and support for completing the Annual Assessment Report.
  • Working with programs to develop rubrics to measure outcomes and document improvements.
  • Supporting programs as they evaluate the effectiveness of changes that they have implemented and will reevaluate.
  • Working with the Faculty Senate Baccalaureate Core Committee to assess courses in the Baccalaureate Core.
  • Collaborating with units during the comprehensive Academic Unit Assessment evaluation process.

Here is a glossary of frequently used assessment terms.

Program Requirements & Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate, graduate, and certificate program requirements and learning outcomes are listed in the Academic Catalog, and many programs also post student learning outcomes on their websites. To find overviews, requirements, and learning outcomes go to Programs and select the program of interest. University-wide, Faculty Senate approved Graduate Learning Outcomes are listed at Graduate Program Assessment. Please consult this handout developed from Bloom’s revised taxonomy in order to develop or revise program learning outcomes. Program Learning Outcomes need to be consistent across all locations and modalities.

University Assessment Leads

The University Assessment Lead serves as the academic program’s point of contact for the creation, communication, and continuous refinement of a meaningful program assessment plan which fosters student success. The Assessment Lead maintains a record of current program student learning outcomes and coordinates and/or writes the Annual Assessment Reports and submits to Assessment and Accreditation via SharePoint. Additionally, the Assessment Lead works with program faculty and College leadership to reflect upon assessment findings and to take actionable steps to improve student success.

University Assessment Leads also:

  • Serve as the point of contact for Assessment & Accreditation staff and keeping current about reporting requirements and expectations.
  • Seek assistance from Assessment & Accreditation staff and/or Center for Teaching and Learning staff on the development of effective assessment plans and reporting strategies.
  • Create an assessment plan that includes student learning outcomes, alignment with coursework, descriptions of assessment methods, and benchmarks of success.
  • Collect assessment data from faculty, including informing teaching faculty ahead of time, to ensure that the correct data are being collected.
  • Connect with faculty across all locations and modalities to ensure assessment data are gathered for all students regardless of location or delivery methods.
  • Write and submit the Annual Assessment Report.
  • Receive feedback from Assessment & Accreditation staff.
  • Promote the analysis and reflection of assessment data with program faculty, staff, and leadership.
  • Facilitate faculty discussions using the assessment results, leading to decisions about possible changes to the assessment plan, curriculum, teaching or support services for students.

Assessment Leads are appointed by their academic program or college leadership and may have other duties specific to their program/academic unit.

Program Assessment

Baccalaureate Core Assessment

Submitting Annual Assessment Reports

The program faculty responsible for submitting assessment reports have responsibilities that are detailed in this assessment lead description.

For additional information, questions or help with assessment, please contact Kristin Nagy Catz, Director of Assessment or Heath Henry, Assessment Coordinator.