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Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE)

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Measuring Student Learning Outcomes Across Courses (5o minutes)

Cross-course rubrics allow undergraduate programs to highlight student learning in multiple courses using one assessment tool. Some programs assess an outcome in different courses across their program, some in different classes of the same course, and some in different courses each year. Creating a cross-course rubric can provide more standardized results and enable easier data analysis. View the recording of the workshop on the basics of program-wide learning assessment using rubrics across courses (handouts).


Curriculum Maps for Academic Program Assessment

Download the PowerPoint slides.

Program Assessment in Remote Learning Environments

OSU recognizes that gathering data for program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) through the remote learning environment may be challenging. We would like to offer assistance in the following ways:

  1. Consider following OSU’s guidance on remote teaching and testing during COVID-19 response and Remote and Blended Teaching Principles.
  2. If your course is used to assess programmatic SLOs, directly align your assignments with those SLOs.
    • Be a good observer of your own experiences so that you can answer future questions about what had to change in program assessment.
    • Be clear and distinct in your own note taking about what aligns with course learning outcomes and what aligns with program learning outcomes to better enable analysis later.
  3. Contact Assessment and Accreditation staff or assistance. We can help you with program SLO assessment. We can help you create a rubric to span courses, find alternate data for proficiency and/or plan for the coming year.