The following forms and templates are associated with the Baccalaureate Core Category Review AND new and change course proposals.

Category Student Learning Outcome Assessment Tables

The links below take you to the Bacc Core Learning Outcome Table that corresponds with the category for the Bacc Course Course being proposed or reviewed. These tables are used in two ways:

  • The corresponding category table must be completed and uploaded to the new Curriculum Proposal System if you are proposing a new Bacc Core course
  • The tables are also referred to as "alternate submission tables" for the Bacc Core Category Review, and are completed and submitted by the course under review.
Instructions for using these templates:

Select the link for the category, download the Word document, complete the document, then upload the document in the relevant form you are completing (either the CPS Course Proposal Form or the Bacc Core category Review Form.)

WIC Specific Resources

WIC requires two forms/tables to be completed and submitted (this is in addition to the syllabus, course schedule, and instructions for the formal writing assignments that will also be requested as part of the review or proposal processes.)