Assessment of the Baccalaureate Core is a process of shared governance, a partnership between the Faculty Senate Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) and Assessment and Accreditation. The BCC conducts the reviews of the courses and Assessment and Accreditation staff provide assessment guidance and administrative support. Assessment and Accreditation also compiles aggregate data for the BCC to review and consider in the context of the Bacc Core curriculum, student learning outcomes, and university goals and resources.

How Can Assessment and Accreditation Staff Help with Bacc Core Course Reviews?

Assessment and Accreditation staff members help make the Baccalaureate Core Category Course Review a smooth and meaningful process. Some examples of how Assessment and Accreditation staff help include:

  • Meeting with individual faculty to identify and align existing assessments used in a course to address relevant Baccalaureate Core Category Learning Outcomes.
  • Supporting instructors teaching Bacc Core courses as they complete a review form or internally evaluate a course.
  • Collaborating with colleges and departments to help their faculty.
  • Identifying efficient ways to align program-level assessment with Baccalaureate Core assessment.
  • Hosting college- or department-specific workshops on the Baccalaureate Core review process, how to conduct course-level assessment meaningfully and efficiently, and writing-specific assessment workshops.

For additional information or help with the Bacc Core, please contact Heath Henry.