The Baccalaureate Core Committee and the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA) coordinate with units to use the electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching (eSET) to gather indirect evidence of student learning in Baccalaureate Core skills categories in the year prior to their review.

  • Per the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Baccalaureate Core Committee (decision dated January 2014), eSET questions will be automatically added to course evaluations in the year prior Baccalaureate Core Category review. Questions are developed by the Baccaluareate Core committee and APA places the questions on the appropriate course evaluations.
  • For units who want the eSET Bacc Core questions to continue after the review, they need to inform APA. For all other courses the questions will be removed after the review.

What should instructors do?

There is no need for instructors to take any action. The questions will be automatically added to the participating courses. Instructors will still be able to add their own individual questions to course evaluations.

Results Handling

The results will be independently processed by APA and distributed as aggragate data to the Baccalaureate Core Committee, faculty and unit heads.

  • The eSET data will NOT be used in individual course reviews during the Bacc Core Category review process. (An instructor can choose to include eSET data in their course review forms.)
  • Individual instructors will NOT be identified in data that are used in the review.

Baccalaureate Core Committee

The Bacc Core Committee will ONLY receive aggregated data from the eSET. The data will be aggregated such that individual instructors are not identifiable.

eSETs are NOT used in any aspect of the individual course reviews during the Bacc Core Category reviews.


Faculty will receive the results of the additional Bacc Core questions on their eSET reports. Hopefully student responses to these questions will provide some insight into the student perceptions on their learning related to the outcome.  Faculty may choose to include eSET data as part of their review, but are not required to do so.

Unit Heads

Because the questions fall under the “quantitative” category as Likert Scale questions, the student responses to the Bacc Core SET questions will show up on the individual faculty reports that unit heads receive.