Program Requirements & Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate, graduate, and certificate program requirements and learning outcomes are listed in the Academic Catalog, and many programs also post student learning outcomes on their websites. To find overviews, requirements, and learning outcomes go to Programs and select the program of interest. University-wide, Faculty Senate approved Graduate Learning Outcomes are listed at Outcomes Assessment of Graduate Programs. Please consult this handout developed from Bloom’s revised taxonomy in order to develop or revise program learning outcomes.

Program Requirements

All revisions to Program Learning Outcomes need to be submitted through CIM (instructions document or video). Program Learning Outcomes need to be consistent across locations and modalities.

OSU Policy About Student Learning Outcomes Policy

Oregon State University requires all courses and all undergraduate and graduate academic programs (majors, minors and certificates) to have established student learning outcomes. Program learning outcomes must be consistent across all locations and modalities. Click here for the full Student Learning Outcomes Policy approved by Faculty Senate Curriculum Council in November 2022.

Questions & Comments

For additional information, please contact Kristin Nagy Catz, Director of Assessment or Heath Henry, Coordinator of Assessment.