Check here for updates to the Baccalaureate Core Committee curriculum and the General Education Reform Process.

Upcoming Senate Meetings

  • The proposed general education model will be previewed at the May 12th regularly scheduled Faculty Senate Meeting.
  • There will be a public, special session on May 20th from 3-5 pm in LINC 100 and on Zoom for Faculty Senators and guests to learn more about the process, proposed model, hear from university and senate leadership, and engage in conversation.
  • The final model will be presented for a vote at the June 9th regularly scheduled Faculty Senate Meeting. 

For information about the Faculty Senate Meetings, dates and time, locations, and Zoom information, please view their website:


Reform Committee Progress Report- April 22, 2022

The reform committee meets weekly as a group to develop a final model based on feedback and data from the roadshows and recommendations from the sub-committee reports

Roadshow Summary - April 12, 2022

UPDATE: Roadshow Executive Summary Available

Following the review of the data collected at the roadshows, an executive summary is now available for stakeholders.

Post-Roadshow Update - March 15, 2022


The Baccalaureate Core Reform Committee (BCRC) concluded our Baccalaureate Core Reform Roadshows March 15th and went through the process of analyzing the data and feedback to present to the BCRC. An executive summary of the feedback will be made available once the committee has reviewed it. This was an interactive opportunity for the BCRC to share the curricular templates, engage in questions, and collect feedback and we thank all our stakeholders for their investment in the process. 

The Curricular Templates hit the road! - February 1, 2022

The Baccalaureate Core Reform Committee co-chairs, Dr. John Edwards and Dr. Lori Kayes, invite stakeholders to Bacc Core Reform Roadshow Forums. Forum participants will learn about the reform process, preview curricular template drafts, engage in conversation, and provide feedback. Stakeholder participation and collaboration will help inform the final curricular model we propose to the university for adoption. 

View Roadshow Schedule


Faculty Senate appoints and charges Bacc Core Reform Committee - September 2021

Under the leadership of Faculty Senate President, Selina Heppell, the Baccalaureate Core Reform Committee was created and charged with reforming the Bacc Core. Co-Chairing the committee are Dr. John Edwards of the College of Liberal Arts and Dr. Lori Kayes of the College of Science. 

The committee convened on November 12th for a half-day retreat and will continue to meet throughout the 2021-22 academic year. 

Bacc Core Review and Reform - September 2021

OSU's General Education curriculum is under revision. Simultaneously, OSU is offering our current Baccalaureate Core curriculum to students. The Bacc Core Committee will continue the assessment efforts set up and approved by the Faculty Senate in 2010.  

Hiring of Baccalaureate Core Director June 24, 2021

To: OSU faculty (academic & professional)
From: Alix Gitelman, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Re: McKenzie Huber appointed as Baccalaureate Core Director
June 24th, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of McKenzie Huber to the Baccalaureate Core Director position effective August 2nd, 2021.

McKenzie has served at Oregon State University since 2012 in advising roles for several colleges. In 2019, the Oregon Academic Advising Association presented her with the Advisor of the Year award. The same year, the College of Forestry, presented her with the Dean’s award for fostering Undergraduate Student Success. McKenzie has been active in Faculty Senate, serving on the Senate’s Baccalaureate Core Committee since 2013 and co-chair of that committee in academic years 2017, 2020, and 2021. She also served as co-chair of the Senate’s Baccalaureate Core Revision committee (Bacc Care 2.0) in the last academic year.

Creation of the Bacc Core Director (BCD) position emerged as a recommendation from the Undergraduate Student Success Initiative. While positioned in Academic Affairs, the BCD will work in service to Faculty Senate as an ex officio, non-voting committee member of both the Bacc Core Committee and the Bacc Core 2.1 committee, soon-to-be charged by Senate leadership. Since all curriculum-related decisions are made by Faculty Senate, the BCD will play a supporting role to coordinate strategy and operations related to the Bacc Core and Bacc Core reform through shared governance. The BCD will be a champion for the Bacc Core, maintaining up-to-date website information and translating statewide transfer efforts such as common course numbering and major transfer maps that will impact OSU.

McKenzie brings enthusiasm for, and commitment to the BCD role. In addition, her strong background in student service will help maintain our institutional focus on transformative education and equitable access.

My thanks to the search committee and those who participated in campus forums and provided feedback. This search concluded at the end of a remarkably challenging academic year, and I do appreciate your engagement.

Please join me in welcoming McKenzie to this role.



Alix Gitelman

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs