Review Types

Courses in OSU’s Baccalaureate Core are reviewed through two different processes. All reviews are performed by the Faculty Senate’s Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC), comprised of faculty from across OSU.

  • Course proposals (CIM)- All new courses, as well as existing courses making significant changes are reviewed to ensure course content aligns with the category student learning outcomes and the course itself adheres to the required category criteria. These proposals are submitted through the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system at the request of the individual units and instructors responsible for the course.
  • Category Review assessment - Every course in the Baccalaureate Core goes through a category specific assessment every ten years. Requests for course materials are sent to the colleges and all information is submitted by the faculty responsible for the course.
University Accreditation

These reviews are an important way to ensure that all students are provided with the general education curriculum mandated by the OSU faculty. This also follows accreditation standards from the NWCCU, which require a faculty driven system of assessment.

Faculty Support

Heath Henry, with Academic Programs and Assessment (APA), is here to support you in creating a new course, improve current courses, prepare your course for category review or ensure your syllabus meets minimum requirements. You can request an individual meeting with Heath or a workshop!

APA and the Center for Teaching and Learning hosts training sessions prior to the Category Review deadlines. The WIC and DPD Directors will also offer trainings and workshops. The goal of training sessions is to advise faculty on Bacc Core requirements and how to prepare materials for a more effective and smooth review process. 

We highly encourage faculty to participate in training opportunities!

Here are helpful resources to aid in submitting a course in CIM or engaging in the Category Review Process:
Category review schedule

CIM access and support related to submitting a course within CIM

Committee Review forms used to assess courses submitted through CIM

Sample syllabus matrix – recommended by the Bacc Core Committee

Learning Outcomes, Criteria and Rational