Courses found in the table below, including their course descriptions and learning outcomes, were approved by the Transfer Council.  The first 10 courses (COMM 100Z through WR 227) in December 2022. The courses will appear in the Academic Catalog and be available for student registration in Summer Term 2023.

The following provides a summary of the changes to OSU based on the newly aligned CCN courses.  For more details on learning outcomes and other aligned components, please view the Fall 2022 Summary of Approved CCN Courses.

Former OSU Course # and Prefix Former OSU Course Title Former OSU Course Credit CCN Aligned Course # and Prefix CCN Aligned Course TItle CCN Aligned Course Credit Impact at OSU (beyond adding Z to the Course #)
None None None COMM 100Z Introduction to Communication 4 COMM 100Z will not be taught at OSU and will articulate as "COMM LDT"
COMM 111, 111H Public Speaking 3 COMM 111Z, 111HZ Public Speaking 4 Increased from 3 to 4 credits 
COMM 218, 218H Interpersonal Communication 3 COMM 218Z, 218HZ Interpersonal Communication 4 Increased from 3 to 4 credits
MTH 105 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics 3 MTH 105Z Math in Society 4 Increased from 3 to 4 credits 
MTH 111 College Algebra 4 MTH 111Z Precalculus I: Functions 4  
MTH 112 Elementary Functions 4 MTH 112Z Precalculus II: Trigonometry 4  
ST 201 Principles of Statistics 4 ST 243Z Elementary Statistics 4 Formerly ST 201
WR 121 English Composition 4 WR 121Z Composition I 4  
WR 222 English Composition 3 WR 122Z Composition II 4

WR 122Z will not be taught at OSU and will articulate as "WR LDT"

WR 327 Technical Writing 3 WR 227Z, WR 227HZ Technical Writing 4

Increased from 3 to 4 credits

Changed from upper division to lower division

Additional change to note:

  • WR 222 will not be taught at OSU after Spring 2023. For majors that required or recommended WR 222, changes to curriculum have been made and are available starting academic year 2023.  For those looking for a course and/or programs without a WR II course specified, WR 323 Advanced Writing and Argumentation will likely provide a suitable replacement. 
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for CCN courses at OSU?

Searching for the newly aligned CCN courses in the Schedule of Classes requires that you add a Z or an * to the search. The * serves as a ‘wildcard’ in the search functionality and will serve up results inclusive of any course with your search language. For example, you may search for WR121Z or WR121*.  

Both COMM 100Z and WR 122Z are part of the state of Oregon’s new common course numbering project but are not courses that OSU offers. 

What happens if I need to repeat a course that is now listed as a CCN course?

Course numbers that maintained the same level (i.e. lower division/upper division) and were changed via Common Course Numbering (Z) and (HZ for Honors courses) are equivalent to their predecessor numbers, even if their credits have changed. For example, WR 121Z is equivalent to WR 121 and follows repeat logic as if they are the same number. COMM 111H is equivalent to COMM 111HZ even though the credits have changed.

Courses that change course levels (ex: WR 327 to WR 227Z) are not equivalent due to a change in level but are mutually exclusive, meaning students cannot register for WR 227Z if they have previously passed WR 327.  We have a new mutual exclusion webpage with more information.