Consult the list of course, major, minor, option, and other changes below to determine whether to submit an expedited or a full course proposal.  If you need help determining which proposal type to submit, contact APA's Curriculum Coordinator.

Add, drop, or change any of the following FOR A COURSE:

  • Course Title
  • Course Description
  • Prerequisites
  • Number of Credits
  • Schedule Type
  • Grading Mode
  • Bacc Core Status
  • WIC Status
  • Location

Change any of the following FOR A MAJOR:

  • Courses
  • Number of Credits
  • Course Credit Titles
  • Major Description, inlcuding total Course Credit Change or Minimum Grade requirements

Add, drop, or change any of the following FOR A MINOR or OPTION:

  • Requirements
  • Courses
  • Number of Credits
  • Course Titles
  • Minor Descriptions


NEW course

  • Establish blanket numbered (X01-X10) or Special Topics (X99) courses
  • Add elective courses to a program (if the elective courses are within the academic unit)
  • Create a record of an approved new course designator
  • Create a new cross-listed course, following approval of a course which proposes cross-listing with a new course
  • Blanket move courses from old course designator to new designator

CHANGE an existing course

  • Add a Schedule Type to an existing course except Laboratory, Studio and Recitation
  • Create a record of changes (drops, name changes) within an approved Full and Abbreviated Category I proposal
  • Change the course designators for an identified group of courses (once a new designator has been approved)
  • Change the credits of a course if it is part of a mass conversion of courses within a program (syllabus is required)
  • Change the repeatability of a course
  • Reinstate a dropped course
  • Decertify a Baccalaureate Core course when requested by the Bacc Core Committee
  • Add Campus location if different than Corvallis Campus
  • Minor change to the course description

DROP an existing course

  • Drop courses through the Courses Not Taught in Three (3) Years process
  • Drop courses following change of course designator
  • Drop Baccalaureate Core status at the joint request of the academic unit and the Bacc Core Committee