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CIM Rollout
October 16, 2019

CIM trainings begin

CIM soft roll out begins

  • Users can begin exploring and using CIM. The first proposals submitted will be reviewed closely by APA and OtR staff to verify that the forms and workflow are functioning properly. As a result, CIM proposals may not be processed as quickly as CPS proposals during this period.
  • Users ask questions and report issues to
  • CIM testing and fine tuning continues.
November 16, 2019

Official CIM roll out

  • All new proposals must be submitted using CIM.
  • Official review of proposals submitted to CIM begins.
CPS Decommissioning
October 16, 2019

Countdown to the CPS closure begins. Final 30 days to submit proposals in the CPS.

  • Not sure if you should submit your proposal in the CPS or CIM during this period? Read these FAQs.
November 15, 2019

Last day proposals can be submitted in the CPS

  • Proposals already submitted will remain in the CPS and continue along the review process.
  • Draft proposals must be submitted to liaisons in order to move forward in the CPS (though the liaison review does not need to be completed by this date).  These proposals must be submitted into workflow by December 2, 2019.
  • Draft proposals not submitted to liaisons by this date can no longer be submitted in the CPS. However, draft proposals will remain in the CPS so the originator can access the content. If the originator wishes to proceed with a proposal, they must now enter it in CIM.
May 1, 2020

Last day proposals can be approved in the CPS

  • Active proposals in the CPS not approved by this date must be copied to CIM where they will continue the review process at the same stage. It is the originator’s responsibility to copy the proposal to CIM.
  • Proposals that have stalled because of a lack of response or activity must be restarted in CIM (in some cases, stalled proposals can be moved to CIM and allowed to continue at the same stage).
June 2020

CPS is archived

  • The campus community will continue to have electronic access to all CPS proposals.

This academic year, proposal reviewers will be working in both the CPS and CIM. They will do their best to review and approve all course proposals in the CPS before the May 1 deadline. Because program proposals require a longer review process, it is likely that some of these proposals will have to be moved from the CPS to CIM during summer 2020. These proposals will continue along the review process at the same stage as they were in the CPS (such moves will be handled by APA and OtR staff).

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Training Opportunities

APA and the Office of the Registrar will offer ongoing CIM trainings and open labs.  Check the training schedule for upcoming events. You also can send an email to if you have questions about how to use CIM.

Support Materials

The Support Materials page contains quick starts, videos, and other guides for how to successfully use CIM.  Watch also for our quarterly newsletters with CIM updates.

CIM Background

OSU implemented new curriculum proposal software in Fall 2019 called CIM (pronounced ‘Kim’), which stands for Curriculum Inventory Management. This tool replaced the curriculum proposal system (CPS) used from 2010 until Fall 2019.

Why change proposal software?

As OSU diversified its curricula in addition to the locations and modalities for delivering those curricula, we needed a software product that will meet our needs on a long-term basis. We were unable to upgrade the current CPS, and after a competitive process we decided upon CIM.

Key features of CIM

CIM provides important features that allow us to attend to our dynamic curricular needs. Some of these features unavailable in the current CPS are:

  • Proposal forms that clearly request all required information
  • Clearly designated workflow steps and a preview of the review process
  • A course/catalog ecosystem that will provide easy access to a list of course and program relationships
  • Improved workflow integration for hybrid/online modalities and locations
  • PDF and Word export options


For over a year, a group of college and department stakeholders, selected by faculty senate committee leadership, worked closely with the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA) and the Office of the Registrar (OtR) to design and rigorously test the tool. We are deeply appreciative of the work that our stakeholders put into this project.

See the Office of the Registrar’s projects page for details about the CIM implementation.


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