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College of Agricultural Sciences

No formal committee. Contact specific unit.

Unit Contact
Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences Jonathan Velez
Animal and Rangeland Sciences Janell Johnson
Applied Economics Dave Lewis and James Sterns
Biological and Ecological Engineering Frank Chaplen
Bioresource Research Wanda Crannell and Kate Field
Botany and Plant Pathology Joey Spatafora and Marc Curtis (until Aaron Liston returns from Sabbatical in September 24)
Crop and Soil Sciences Stefan Seiter
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Susan Tilton
Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences Bruce Dugger and Scott Heppell
Food Science Bob McGorrin
Horticulture Anne Gearhart
Sustainability Sam Bell & Erica Elliott

General contact for the college: Ricardo Mata-Gonzalez

College of Business

Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC)

  • Bin Zhu (MAD)
  • Manuela Hoehn-Weiss (MESC)
  • Jimmy Yang (AFIS)
  • Katie Jager (MAD)
  • Laura Rees (MESC)
  • Terrence Blackburne (AFIS)
  • Prem Mathew (ex-officio)
  • Head advisor (ex-officio)
  • Norm Rush (ex-officio, Cascades)


Graduate Program Committee (GPC)

  • Michele Swift (MESC)
  • Jon Kalodimos (AFIS)
  • Michelle Barnhardt (Open position)
  • Aimee Huff (MAD)
  • John Becker-Blease (ex-officio)


Please include Prem Mathew (for UG) and John Becker-Blease (for Grad) in communications.

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmosphere Sciences

Undergraduate Programs Committee (UPC)

Chair: Michael Harte

  • Harte, M. (Assoc. Dean/UG Programs)
  • Yalcin, K. (Assistant Dean/Academic Programs and Curriculum Council Representative)
  • Becker, L. (PD Environmental Science)
  • McFadden, T. (Coordinator, Environmental Science)
  • Jones, J. (PD Geography)
  • Emard, K. (GEOG (alt))
  • Tepley, F. (PD Geology)
  • Crump, B. (PD Oceanography)
  • Allan, A. (PD Climate Science)
  • Walsh, K. (GIScience Program Director)
  • Chuinard, M. (Director of Undergraduate Student Services)
  • Schulte, S. (APA)
  • Emard, K. (Faculty Senate Bacc Core Committee Rep)
  • TBD (Course Scheduler)
  • Hughes, K. (AA-ADAP)


Graduate Programs Committee (GPC)

Chair: Adam Kent

  • Kent, A. (AD /Grad Progs/Fac Advcmt)
  • Jones, J. (PD GEOG)
  • Van den Hoek, J. (GEOG (alt.))
  • Tepley F. (PD Geology)
  • McLeod, K. (PD MRM)
  • pending (PD OEAS)
  • de Szoeke, S. (ATS/POA)
  • Eidam, E. (MGG)
  • pending (Grad Council Rep)
  • de Silva, L. (Water Conflict GC)
  • Walsh, K. (PD, GIScience Certificate)
  • Allan, R. (Director of Grad Student Services)
  • Hartline, L. (Grad Student Services)
  • Hughes, K. (AA, ADAP)
  • TBD (Course Scheduler)

College of Education

Teaching & Learning Committee

  • Beth Rankin
  • Sara Wright
  • Tenisha Tevis
  • Angel DeBerry
  • Rene Pyatt
  • Holly Boyd-Berman
  • Melinda Knapp
  • Abraham Cazares-Cervantes
  • Randy Bell (ex officio)
  • Brian Doore (ex officio)

College of Engineering

  • Justin Wolford (Chair)
  • Chih-hung Chang
  • Christopher Hoyle
  • Todd Stephen Palmer
  • Megan Roegner
  • Rebecca Webb
  • Jonathan D Istok
  • Adam S Ward
  • Brian Mills

College of Forestry

Each department has major-specific committees and the college has a central committee that is working primarily on Core Ed implementation planning. If you need general points of contact for departments, you can use the Core Ed group to connect about Core Ed planning and the chairs of the subcommittees for program-specific needs.

CORE Ed Committee

  • Amy Riley (Chair)
  • Nicole Kent (Head Advisor)
  • Eric Hansen (Wood Science and Engineering (WSE) Department Head)
  • Jeff Hatten (Forest Engineering and Resource Management (FERM) Department Head)
  • Kevin Bladon (Forest Ecosystems and Society (FES) Department Head)
  • Troy Hall
  • Ron Reuter


FES Committees

Tourism Recreation and Adventure Leadership (TRAL)
  • Troy Hall (Chair)
  • Sharon Shen (Faculty)
  • Ashley D'Antonio (Faculty)
  • Andrew Hawley (Faculty - Cascades)
  • Kreg Lindberg (Faculty)
  • Ian Mananura (Faculty)
  • Mark Needham (Faculty)
  • Randy Rosenberger (Faculty)
  • David Stemper (Faculty)
  • Beth Thompson (Advisor)


Natural Resources
  • Ron Reuter (Chair)
  • Terina McLachlain (NR Program Manager)
  • Nicole Kent (Head Advisor)
  • Beth Thompson (Advisor)
  • Meg Krawchuck (Faculty)
  • Dave Stemper (Faculty)
  • Stacy Rosenberg (Faculty)
  • Reem Hajjar (Faculty)


WSE Committee
  • Eric Hansen (Chair)
  • Allison Culver (Student Programs and Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Vahid Nasir (Faculty)
  • Nicole Kent (Head Advisor)


FERM ComMittees

Forest Engineering
  • Kevin Lyons (Chair)
  • Woodam Chung (Faculty)
  • Jim Kiser (Faculty)
  • Ben Leschinsky (Faculty)
  • Ruth Sterner (Advisor)
  • Nicole Kent (Head Advisor)
  • Madison Dudley (Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator)


  • John Bailey (Chair)
  • Mindy Crandall
  • Jared LeBoldus
  • Matt Powers
  • Bogdan Strimbu
  • Ruth Sterner (Advisor)
  • Nicole Kent (Head Advisor)
  • Madison Dudley (Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator)

College of Health

  • Marit Bovbjerg
  • Karen Elliott
  • Yumie Takata
  • Jennifer Jackson
  • Dee Gillen
  • Jeffrey Bethel
  • Cynthia Mojica
  • John Schuna
  • Heidi Wegis
  • Lori McGraw
  • 4 student members

College of Liberal Arts

  • Clare Braun (SWLF)
  • Rick Febre (SVPDA)
  • Michelle Inderbitzin (SPP)
  • Ciara Kidder (SPS)
  • David Lewis (SLCS)
  • Alina Padilla-Miller (SoC)
  • Paul Wanke (SHPR)

College of Science

No formal committee. Contact specific unit.

Unit Contact
Biochemistry & Biophsyics Kari Van Zee
Chemistry Vince Remcho
Integrative Biology Lori Kayes
Mathematics Nathan Gibson
Microbiology Ryan Mueller and Linda Bruslind (undergrad); Kim Halsey (grad)
Physics C Walsh (undergrad) and Liz Gire (grad)
Statistics Lisa Ganio

General contact for the college: Jessica Siegel