Course Types

Below is a list of course types. Select a type to learn how to create a new course or edit an existing course.

  • Regular
    The majority of OSU courses are considered regular.

If you think your course has an attribute or structure that requires a non-regular course type, please contact CM's Curriculum Coordinators for assistance determining what type of course you should select. Making the wrong selection could cause problems, such as preventing students from receiving credit for a repeatable course. Examples of non-regular courses are:

  • Blanket (x01-x10 numbered course)
    Blanket (aka reserved) courses may be taken for more than one term and the credits granted vary according to the amount of work completed. Examples include 401 Research and Scholarship and 407 Seminar.
  • Special Topics (X99)
    Special Topics courses may be repeated without limit by students and it is implied that the course content is different each time the student takes the course (unless the student is retaking the course to replace a grade as specified under Academic Regulation 20).
  • Experimental (X)
    Experimental courses are for introducing new learning materials and innovative teaching on a trial basis before seeking permanent approval for a course. Experimental courses can be offered a maximum of three times.
  • Non-credit (0 level) 
    Non-credit courses allow students the opportunity to engage in non-credit academic experiences that are transcript visible.

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