Courses that have had no student enrollment during the past three academic years are removed from OSU’s course inventory. Academic years run from Summer through Spring (e.g. AY 2015-2016, AY 2016-2017, AY 2017-2018). This policy does not apply to blanket-numbered courses (X01-X10), special topics courses (X99), and to experimental “X” courses.

Academic units responsible for a given course designator are informed of the course(s) that have not been taught in three years and are therefore subject to being dropped from the Catalog. If the academic unit wishes to retain one or more of the courses on the drop list, a rationale for a one-year extension must be submitted and approved by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (now called Curriculum Management). Up to three extensions are allowable. Any course not taught for six consecutive years will require a New Course proposal to reinstate it.

Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 05/23/2018
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 10/19/1995
Faculty Senate 10/05/1989