This page is about the curriculum proposal process for courses, options, minors, and more.  For detailed information about program level changes, go to the Degree, Certificate, Academic Unit, and New Location Proposals page.


COURSE, option, minor, and change major Proposal types

There are two types of course proposals--full and expedited--for changes to courses, options, minors, and majors. The proposal type you submit is determined by the type of change you want to make. Please consult the list of change types to determine the appropriate proposal type. See either the Full Category II Proposals or Expedited Category II Proposals page for details about completing a proposal.

An additional proposal is required to develop and deliver an OSU course via Ecampus. To learn more, please visit the Ecampus Online Course Development Proposal page.

If you need help determining the proposal type, contact APA's Curriculum Coordinators.