Each OSU department is responsible for the quality and health of its programs that are offered in Bend. In order to make an existing degree or certificate program available at OSU Cascades, a proposal to Extend an Existing Program to a New Location is required.

  • Approval by the Corvallis-based unit leader and Dean, and the Cascades-based Program Leader, Dean, and the Vice President is required. Faculty from both campuses will be informed and given the opportunity to provide input on the proposal.
  • A library resource review must be attached to the MOU.
  • The proposal including the library review shall be submitted to the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment who will coordinate the approval process.
  • The MOU requires approval by the Graduate Council and the Dean of the Graduate School, if the program is a graduate program.
  • All MOUs require approval by the Curriculum Council.

The review is to ensure:

  • Strength, viability, consistency of assessment, and quality;
  • Adequacy of resources;
  • Consistency with OSU policies and procedures.


Additional Information: Curriculum Council minutes 2/26/04

Revised By Approved By Date
Office of Academic Programs and Assessment 12/15/2011
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 06/07/2006
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 02/26/2004