As of mid-May 2019, a new step, the Early Alert, has been added to the academic program proposal process for the following types of undergraduate and graduate proposals:

This step was added by the Statewide Provosts Council. The goal of the Early Alert is to provide other Oregon universities the opportunity to discuss non-duplication of similar programs and/or opportunities for collaboration early in the proposal process. In addition, the Early Alert provides the Provost's Office the opportunity to facilitate discussions with the academic college and other campus stakeholders.

For more information, see the announcement from the Statewide Provosts Council about their process.  The Early Alert document is called the "summary document" in the announcement. 


  1. The Originator fills out the Early Alert form in CIM Miscellaneous forms
    • The Originator can then continue to fill out and submit their new degree, new certificate, or new location proposal in CIM. The Early Alert moves through its process in parallel to OSU's internal proposal process.
  2. The Vice Provost of Academic Affairs or the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School leads the Provost's Office review of the Early Alert summary.
  3. The Early Alert summary is sent to the Statewide Provosts' Council for review and discussion. This step does not apply to new certificate proposals.

Contact Janice Nave-Abele at Curriculum Management with all Early Alert questions.


Early Alert workflow (diagram of the review process)

Early Alert and OSU Curriculum Proposal workflow (diagram of the Early Alert process paralleling the OSU curriculum review process)

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How do I learn to use CIM?

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