Electronically delivered instruction must be comparable in quality and content to the corresponding campus instruction. In order to ensure this objective, course and program proposals submitted for curriculum approval should demonstrate:

  • Essential student services and course-related materials (books, journals, computer facilities, laboratories, and other resource material) are accessible at all receiving sites;
  • Instruction will provide appropriate amounts and types of interaction between students and instructors;
  • Appropriate methods will be used to assess students' achievement of the learning objectives;
  • Fair and appropriate staffing policies have been adopted by the delivering unit as it relates to electronically delivered instruction;
  • Instruction is making appropriate use of currently available technologies;
  • Units proposing the electronically delivered instruction will describe a process for how and when the proposed courses and/or programs will be evaluated.

Electronically delivered courses and distance courses must be so identified within the OSU information database but will not be distinguished from normally delivered course work on a student's transcript.

Additional Information: OSU E-Campus

Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Graduate Council 02/27/1997
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 02/20/1997