1. Review by the Curriculum Council and the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (now called Curriculum Management) should take place for all online Ecampus program proposals, including undergraduate and graduate majors, minors, and certificates as well as undergraduate major options. The review process will entail the following steps for existing, previously approved programs:
    1. Following submission to Ecampus by an academic unit, Ecampus evaluates the proposal to decide if the program should be offered online. This is part of the Ecampus review process. Ecampus evaluates a potential program based on the following criteria:
      • does the subject lend itself to online learning;
      • is there a market need;
      • what is the cost to develop;
      • does the program have potential for financial sustainability over time; and
      • does the program proposal include a description of the undergraduate or graduate program learning outcomes assessment plan that includes the following:
        • learning outcomes for the program (if a graduate program, it should address Graduate Council-approved overarching learning outcomes);
        • a description of the methods that will be used to assess each outcome;
        • a description of any measurement tools used, such as copies of surveys, rubrics, etc.; and
        • any other pertinent assessment-related information.
    2. If Ecampus approves the program for distance online delivery, the proposal is forwarded to the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment for review of the program requirements to determine equivalency with the campus-based program.
  2. Review by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment will include the following questions:
    1. For undergraduate majors, which options will be offered?  Or, for graduate majors, which options or areas of concentration will be offered?
    2. What are the curricular requirements for the proposed program?
    3. What courses will be offered through Ecampus to meet those requirements?
    4. Are the minimum requirements of the program complete?
  3. As a result of the review by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment, the following actions may be taken:
    1. If it is determined that there are discrepancies between the existing program as described in the OSU Catalog and the proposed Ecampus program, based on questions in “B” above, the proposal will be returned to Ecampus for resolution with the proposing academic department. 
    2. Once discrepancies are addressed, Ecampus will re-submit the proposal for review by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment.
    3. If it is determined that the questions in “B,” above, are satisfactorily addressed, a summary evaluation statement will be prepared and forwarded to the Curriculum Council for its final review.
  4. The Curriculum Council will review the proposal and suggest any needed changes/clarifications along with its acceptance.  Upon acceptance, the decision is entered into the minutes and posted on the web.
  5. The Office of Academic Programs and Assessment notifies the academic unit and Ecampus of the proposal’s approval by the OSU Provost, or the Provost's designee.  In addition, a CPS (expedited) form is prepared and submitted to the Catalog and Registrar’s Office for implementation.
  6. Ecampus and/or academic unit will notify the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment of any changes to the delivery of an approved program, including notification of its intent to terminate any previously approved online delivered program.
  7. The Office of Academic Programs and Assessment will maintain a list of all approved Ecampus delivered programs (majors, minors, certificates, and options), and entered into the Curricular Database.  Ecampus programs will be placed on the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment home web page.
  1. Ecampus will not fund or develop any course that has not been approved through the Curricular Proposal System course approval process.  When a course proposal comes to Ecampus that has not been approved by the Curriculum Council, Ecampus will request that the proposer submit the course through the regular review process.  Ecampus will review the course for online delivery, but will fund the course for development only after it has received approval.
  2. Ecampus will accept course proposals for online delivery only if the course appears in the OSU Catalog.
    1. Ecampus will not send course proposals for additional curricular review because they have already been reviewed and approved, and currently exist in the OSU Catalog. 
    2. Ecampus will copy the Curriculum Coordinator in the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment on the approved course proposals. 
    3. The Catalog Coordinator will implement course schedule-type coding.
  3. To add the location and schedule type coding (Y&K) to the course, Ecampus will submit an email request to the Catalog Coordinator in the Registrar's Office.


Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 01/26/2018
Office of Academic Programs and Assessment 11/30/2017
Extended Campus 11/27/2017
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 04/20/2012
Faculty Senate Graduate Council 03/08/2012
Office of Academic Programs and Assessment 01/11/2012
Extended Campus 01/09/2012
Office of Academic Affairs 10/14/2011
Extended Campus 10/13/2011
Office of Academic Affairs 10/07/2011