The type of change you make to an existing certificate determines the proposal workflow.

Change Type Final OSU Approval Step Final External Approval Step
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • Rename the certificate*
Faculty Senate Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • Suspend the certificate*
  • Terminate the certificate*
Board of Trustees Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

*Contact Janice Nave-Abele for workflow details

This is not a comprehensive list of changes.  CIM will track the changes you make in your proposal and will submit your proposal to the proper workflow.  If you make several changes in your proposal, the change that requires the highest level of approval will determine the workflow.

Required Information

See the table below for the information that is required for various changes to existing certificates.  Below the table is a description of each type of information.

Change Type Program Details Liaisons External Letters of Support Budget Tables Org Chart
Change certificate requirements Yes Yes No No No

Extend to Ecampus

Yes No No No No
Rename the certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Suspend the certificate

Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Terminate the certificate

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
All other changes Yes Yes No No No
  • Program details:
    • The CIM forms are dynamic.  Depending on the change type you select, only certain questions will appear in the form.  This way you don't have to fill out fields that don't apply to your change.
    • In the CPS, proposals required several attachments. The certificate proposal form in CIM has fields that cover almost all of the content formerly in those attachments. In addition, approval by department and college leadership have been incorporated into the workflow so the transmittal sheet is no longer needed.  Finally, the library evaluation and space/facilities evaluation have been incorporated into the CIM workflow so you no longer need to contact those departments to initiate their review.
  • Liaisons:
    • At least three
      • A minimum of two Academic Liaisons must be from outside the college associated with the Originating Academic Unit.

      • The remaining liaisons can be from within the college but must be outside the Originating Academic Unit.

  • External letter of support: at least one letter of support from contacts external to OSU.
  • Budget tables: (Budget Preparation InstructionsOSU Internal Budget Worksheet Form).  Contact the Business Center assigned to your academic unit for assistance in completing the budget tables and narrative.
  • Organization Chart

Proposal questions? Contact CM's Curriculum Coordinators.

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How do I learn to use CIM?

Check CIM Support Materials and Proposal FAQs for quick starts, videos, and tips. Contact [email protected] to arrange for an individual or a group training.