Student Learning Experience Survey Pilot Study

Based on recommendations by the OSU Faculty Senate and Provost’s Office, several alternate forms of the Student Learning Experience survey (previously known as electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching) are being tested in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021. Alternate surveys are located in the same place as the standard survey and can be accessed through the link above. In Fall 2020, around 1% of students will fill out an alternate survey for a course. If instructors want to be involved in the larger Winter 2021 pilot, please email Tam Belknap at [email protected].

Spring/Summer 2020 eSET Questions

On May 14, 2020, the Faculty Senate voted to use modified questions for the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching (eSETs) to accommodate the rapid change to distance education. The required questions for each course are:

  1. In regard to your interactions with the content, instructor, and other students in the course, what went well this term? 
  2. In regard to your interactions with the content, instructor, and other students in the course, what didn’t go well or could be improved? 
  3. Please comment on your workload for this course. Were the number of hours per week needed to prepare for this course appropriate to the knowledge gained?

In Summer 2020, the new questions and previous standard questions were both included, as the summer sessions do not allow for instructor added questions.  

Running Spring 2020 Reports

A new report has been created for Spring 2020 to collect signed student comments for administrative use. Please see the report instructions.

COVID-19 Related Changes to eSET Reports

The Faculty Senate and the Provost’s Office have decided to close administrative access to all eSET reports for Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Winter 2021 to accommodate the unusual circumstances. Individual instructors may print reports for their classes and share them with their unit administrators for promotion, tenure, or hiring processes.

Information and Support

For more information, please review the eSET Faculty FAQs. If you are unable to find answers there, please contact Tamara Belknap in the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment at [email protected].