Courses in eSET

All OSU credit classes are included in eSET except 700 level Pharmacy courses, certain Veterinary Medicine courses, INTO IEP courses and certain blanket courses (404/504/604 Writing and Conference, 409/509/609 Practicum/Clinical Experience, and 410/510/610 Internship/Work Experience). In addition, courses with fewer than six students will not be evaluated.

Blanket courses INCLUDED are: 405/505/605 Reading and Conference; 406/506/606 Special Problems/Projects; 407/507/607 Seminars; 408/508/608 Workshops.

Short Courses

For fall, winter, and spring terms, courses are included without regard to when they start and stop. If a course ends before the end of the term, the students who are enrolled in that course will receive the same emails as all other students asking them to evaluate the course.

Cross Listed Courses

Cross listed courses will be combined in eSET, and results will be included in a single report. This process is reflected in the shared decision by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation.

Adding Questions to eSET

After the seventh week of the term, instructors will receive an email notifying them of the opportunity to add additional questions to eSET's standardized university questions. Questions entered the previous term for a specific instructor/course will “roll” to the next term for that specific instructor/course.

Instructors can add, delete, or change questions. Instructors wishing to add the same question to multiple courses may easily do so by clicking on the appropriate boxes under "Apply To" located to the left of the Question Text box.

For help with adding questions to eSET, visit our Entering Instructor-Added Questions Into eSET tutorial. In addition, a user manual can be found by clicking “Help” while logged into eSET. This manual contains detailed instructions about how to enter and change questions.

Please note that under the current configuration of eSET, the Likert scale (quantitative) question results are viewable in the Department Chair reports. The open-ended (qualitative) questions are not viewable, unless a student chooses to sign his/her comments).

Student's Choosing to Sign Comments

If students choose to “sign” their comments, comments will be identified with the student and will be placed in the instructor’s personnel file. If they enter unsigned comments, they will only be visible to the instructor and will be anonymous.>

Report Availability

Reports from previous terms are available for viewing. Reports for the current term become available at the close of evaluations. Faculty and academic administrators will receive an email telling them that reports are available for them to view and/or download. Visit our Reports page to find more detailed information about system reports. Refer to the calendar for exact dates of report availability for the current term.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)