Accessing eSET

How do I login through Online Services?

Students, Faculty, and certain Departmental and College staff are able to access eSET by logging into OSU Online Services and selecting the appropriate menu options. You can access SET from the main Online Services menu by selecting the "Faculty & Advisors" tab. Click on "Instructor Access To Student Evaluation". At this point, another window will pop up and you will be in the SET system.

Be sure to enable pop-up windows in your browser.

Can I directly access eSET?

eSET can also be accessed directly by going to OSU Online Services and logging in using your ONID username and password.

How do departments/administrators for departments get access to eSET?

If a department head, Director, or Dean would like eSET access for themselves or an administrative assistant, then the Department Head/Dean must send a request to the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (Cheryl Hagey and Tam Belknap) with the following information for each person:

  • Name
  • Position title
  • OSU ID number

In order to preserve confidentiality, the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment requests that access to eSET be selective and limited to non-student, permanent employees who normally have access to sensitive information. We prefer to keep the access list as small as possible.

If someone who has access to eSET Reports leaves the department or changes roles, please inform Cheryl Hagey and Tam Belknap, so permissions can be removed.

Who has access to what on eSET?

Instructors have access to their own quantitative and qualitative results.

Department Chairs/Program Directors and/or their designee (such as an approved administrative assistant) have access to quantitative summaries of the data for the programs/faculty they supervise. They do not see comments or responses to open-ended questions, unless a student “signs” his or her comments, at which point the students are no longer anonymous.We stress that everyone follow confidentiality protocols, per the Faculty Senate regulations.

Adding Questions

Can I add questions for my summer term courses?

Summer Term contains multiple sessions, this format does not allow for instructor added questions.

Can I add questions after the deadline?

No, new questions cannot be added after the deadline has closed (refer to the calendar to view deadlines for the current term). You may, however, consider doing a supplemental handout in class if you really would like students' feedback on those specific items.

A previous term pops up when I login and I'm not sure how to get to current term to enter new questions.

When you log on and open the page, your course for earlier terms will automatically appear.

In the top blue bar click on the orange text "My Evaluation Questions." It will take you to a page where you can create questions. Make sure you are editing within the current term, which is located at the very top under “term.”

How do I view preexisting questions? (I need to see those to decide what new questions I should ask)

A list of preexisting questions can be found in our Standard University Questions page.

If you taught in the Fall 2011 term and entered your own unique questions into the system, unfortunately you will not be able to see those and they will need to be re-entered into the system. One way to view your unique questions would be to go back and look at your evaluation report from last term.

How do I add questions for crosslisted courses (e.g. ME 499/599)? Do we only enter the questions once for the course, or do we enter the questions for each CRN?

You need to enter the questions for each CRN separately.

What if I receive an error message like "There was an error retrieving data from the server. You may be logged out of the system"?

That error may show up if your questions have more than 500 characters, or if they have an abbreviation of more than 100 characters. Try editing your questions and see if that resolves the problem. In addition, each question must be entered separately.

Blank Page

I keep getting a blank page when I go into eSET.

This commonly happens because of browser issues. For example pop-ups need to be enabled or allowed on your browser. Sometimes if a blank page comes up, you need to clear the cache in your browser. Or you may need to try a new browser (Firefox seems to work well. Google Chrome and Explorer seem to have more problems). Visit our Resolving Technical Problems page for information on this and other technical issues.

Courses in eSET

Are there any courses not included in eSET?

All OSU credit classes are included in eSET except for INTO IEP courses, 700 level Pharmacy courses, and certain Veterinary Medicine courses. Most blanket courses (with the exception of Honors courses) are also excluded, such as those whose numbers start with 401-410, 501-510, 601-610, 701-710, and 801-810. Also, courses with fewer than 6 students are excluded from the eSET.

What if there are fewer than 6 students in my course?

Evaluations will NOT be collected for courses with fewer than 6 students.  This is to protect the students anonymity.

If you have cross listed/slash courses with fewer than 6 students, those evaluations will be collected and combined with the other cross listings for the course.

Per Faculty Senate.

Evaluation Results and Reports

When can instructors see evaluation results?

Please visit the calendar for the current term to find out when evaluation results are available to the instructors.

How does a department obtain reports?

  1. Go to OSU Online Services
  2. Enter your ONID username and password
  3. Click Faculty/Adviser
  4. Go to Instructor Access to Student Evaluation


You can obtain departmental summary reports by selecting “Summary Reports” or individual course reports by selecting the “Report Browser” link.

If you have technical issues, visit our Resolving Technical Problems page.

How can I obtain reports for the teaching assistants I supervise?

The person with access rights (the departmental administrative person with permissions) will need to go in and compile a report for the instructor. They can do this by going into eSET and selecting the relevant courses and sections and exporting as an Excel file or as PDFs. These can then be sent to the instructor. Per University policy, the instructor will not see the comments (unless the comment is signed) or responses to open-ended questions.

Can I pull reports on just the additional questions?

No. All questions are downloaded together (administrators will not receive open-ended/qualitative questions or comments). If you export the report as an Excel spreadsheet you could more easily sort out questions.


Can students see their grades during the eSET evaluation period?

Uploaded student grades are recorded with the Registrar’s Office nightly. Thus, if you enter final grades for your class before the eSET evaluation period is closed, students may see their grades.

If you are concerned about students viewing their grades before they complete the eSET, do not enter your grades until after evaluations are closed (see the eSET calendar for dates).

If you use Canvas to record assignment grades, students may also see final grades if grade totals are enabled. For instructions for turning off student grade totals in Canvas, see the "How do I turn off totals in the student grade summary in Canvas?" FAQ.

How do I turn off totals in the student grade summary in Canvas?

If you are using Canvas and you do not want students to see their final grade prior to the eSET evaluation period, you have the option to hide the grade totals for your Canvas course.

To turn off grade totals in Canvas:

  • Click the "Settings" link for your Canvas course
  • Click the "Course Details" tab
  • Click on "More Options"
  • Check the box next to “Hide totals in student grades summary”
  • Click the "Update Course Details" button

If you have questions about this feature in Canvas, or if you have other Canvas questions, email

Is the eSET evaluation period open during finals week?

eSETs will not be open during finals week due to the scheduling needs of graduation pre-clearance. Final grades posted prior to the close of the eSET evaluation period (see the eSET calendar for dates) may be visible to students.

Multiple Instructors

How do evaluations occur in courses with multiple (two or more) instructors?

If there are multiple instructors for the course, then each instructor will be evaluated by the students only if each instructor is listed in the banner system with 2% or more responsibility. Otherwise, if a course with multiple instructors is set up only under one faculty person’s name, then students will see that faculty member’s name only as the one being evaluated.

It is important to correctly set up courses with multiple instructors, be they in the same or different sections.

Median Calculation

How is the median calculated?

The median is the value on the score scale that separates the top half of the group from the bottom half. OSU uses a calculation that assumes that multiple values within a range are distributed evenly over the range.

A calculation of this type results in a more complete set of values. (The traditional computation of median might result in values of 5.0, 5.5, 6.0. The OSU calculation results in values 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and so on to 6.0). This calculation has been used for OSU student evaluations since 2004.

There is a good detailed explanation with examples on page 33 of "Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education", Fourth Edition, by Robert L. Thorndike and Elizabeth P. Hagen.


Do I need to send out a reminder to students for eSET completion?

Automated emails are sent to all currently enrolled OSU students announcing when eSET is available for completion (refer to the calendar for specific dates). The email provides instructions, a timeline for completion, and contact information should they encounter difficulties with, or have questions regarding, their evaluations. Additional reminders are provided to remind students to complete their evaluations.