The standard set of university questions are listed below. These questions are used for all courses and can't be modified by instructors. However, instructors can add additional questions that are specific to each course.

Course and Instructor
  Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent Unable To Rate
The course as a whole was
The instructor's contribution to the course was
Clarity of course objectives or outcomes was
Clarity of student responsibilities and requirements was
Course organization was
Availability of extra help when needed was
Instructor's use of various instructional techniques to accommodate differences in learning styles among student was
Instructor's interest in my learning was
Instructor's ability to stimulate my thinking more deeply about the subject was
Instructor's timely feedback to tests and other work was
Instructor's ability to develop a welcoming classroom environment for all participants was
Instructor's evaluation of student performance in accordance with course objectives was

Narrative and Comments and Suggestions

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