An Expedited Category II Proposal (now called an Expedited Course Proposal) is an administrative record created by the academic unit for the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA) (now called Curriculum Management).  The administrative record bypasses Faculty Senate committees and councils.  After the expedited proposal has been reviewed and approved by APA it is entered into the Online Catalog, Banner SIS and MyDegrees by the Registrar’s Office.

Expedited proposals are used to:

New Proposals:

  • Establish blanket numbered (X01-X10) or Special Topics (X99) courses
  • Add elective courses to a program (if the elective courses are within the academic unit)
  • Create a record of an approved new course designator
  • Create a new cross-listed course, following approval of a course which proposes cross-listing with a new course

Change Proposals:

  • Add a Schedule Type to an existing course except Laboratory, Studio and Recitation (Contact APA Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Create a record of changes (drops, name changes) within an approved Full and Abbreviated Category I proposal
  • Change the course designators for an identified group of courses (once a new designator has been approved)
  • Change the credits of a course if it is part of a mass conversion of courses within a program (syllabus is required)
  • Change the repeatability of a course
  • Reinstate a dropped course
  • Decertify a Baccalaureate Core course when requested by the Bacc Core Committee
  • Add Campus location if different than Corvallis Campus
  • Minor change to the course description

Drop Proposals:

  • Drop courses through the Courses Not Taught in Three (3) Years process (These proposals will be completed by APA)
  • Drop courses following change of course designator
  • Drop Baccalaureate Core status at the joint request of the academic unit and the Bacc Core Committee
Revised By Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 10/21/2016
Office of Academic Programs and Assessment 09/20/2016