The Baccalaureate Core is led and supported through a Shared Governance Model.
Learn more about what each team member specializes in and who to contact for specific questions. 


Baccalaureate Core Director

McKenzie Huber, M. Ed. 

In collaboration with the Bacc Core Committee (BCC), the Baccalaureate Core Director (BCD) provides leadership and expertise, operational support, collaboration, and communication necessary for the BCC to effectively set strategy and maintain integrity for the Baccalaureate Core program and General Education reform. The BCD is a non-voting BCC and General Education Reform Committee member. 




  • Contact the BCD if you have general questions or comments about Bacc Core Reform or operational questions related to the BCC. The BCD is here to support and assist faculty and staff and can be a great place to start with inquiries. Please contact the BCC Co-Chairs if you have specific questions or concerns related to the decisions from the BCC.
Baccalaureate Core Co-Chairs 


Senior Co-Chair - Dr. Dan Faltesek
College of Liberal Arts

Incoming Co-chair - Dr. Rene Reitsma
College of Business



The Baccalaureate Core Co-chairs work with the BCD and Faculty Senate Executive Committee to develop and approve strategy, procedures and planning for the Baccalaureate Core. Along with the BCD and Academic Programs and Assessment (APA), the Co-chairs lead the committee through assessment of category reviews and course proposals. They are responsible for assigning course reviews to the committee and responding to proposals in the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system, collaborate with partners on the committee to track and communicate course reviews and set the agendas for each week. Each co-chair typically serves two terms, and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee selects a new chair in rotating years.

  • Contact the Co-chairs if you have questions about responses or decisions in the CIM system or category reviews.
Academic Programs and Assessment

Heath Henry, M.S.

Assessment and Accreditation provides administrative support to the Baccalaureate Core Committee’s assessment efforts.  Heath Henry is the APA liaison to the BCC and has supported the committee for nearly a decade. Heath prepares the assessment tools for category reviews and reports findings for the institution's assessment and accreditation. As an Ex-Officio to the committee, Heath attends each meeting and provides the committee with assessment support. Heath can assist faculty who would like to understand how to best prepare their documents for submission to meet the committee’s assessment requirements. Heath provides opportunities for faculty to attend workshops and meet individually. 


  • Contact Heath Henry if you need assistance completing category review submissions or answering Bacc Core specific questions within CIM. Heath can assist with addressing Bacc Core minimum syllabus requirements and providing clarification about other course specifications. Please note that Heath supports faculty – please contact the BCC Co-Chairs if you have specific questions or concerns related to the decisions from the BCC committee.
Center for Teaching and Learning 

Dr. Funmi Amobi

The Center for Teaching and Learning has a new partnership with the BCC to provide faculty support with Bacc Core course creation and category review submissions. The foundational partnership between CTL and faculty acknowledges that CTL specializes in evidence-based pedagogical practices related to the Bacc Core while faculty know their disciplinary content. Dr. Amobi is available to provide 1:1 consultation to faculty to review or revise course proposals before they are submitted or after they are returned from BCC respectively. Faculty collaboration with CTL will help provide a clearer path to Bacc Core Course assessment. The BCC encourages faculty to meet with Dr. Amobi and attend workshops. If you are proposing a course in DPD or WIC, please contact program directors directly. 


  • Contact CTL if you would like to set up an individual appointment or request a workshop for your college/unit. Dr. Amobi may also support revisions to your course if it has been sent back with requested changes from the BCC. Please note that Dr. Amobi supports you in the revision process – please contact the BCC Co-Chairs if you have specific questions or concerns related to the decisions from the BCC committee.
Difference, Power and Discrimination Director

Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi

The Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) Program works with faculty across all fields and disciplines at Oregon State University to create inclusive curricula that address intersections of gender, race, class, sexual identity, age, ability, and other institutionalized systems of inequity and privilege in the United States.


  • Contact the DPD Director if you would like support developing or updating a DPD course or preparing assessment materials for DPD category review.
Writing Intensive Curriculum Director

Dr. Sarah Tinker Perrault

The Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) Program supports and instructs faculty across the disciplines who are developing and teaching writing intensive courses as part of OSU's Baccalaureate Core requirements. 


  • Contact the WIC Director if you would like support developing or updating a WIC course or preparing assessment materials for WIC category review.