Conversations are critical to curricular development. In an effort to engage stakeholders within each college and Cascades Campus, a designee has been identified for each unit to facilitate communication. Designees will receive timely communication throughout our assessment cycle with requests, reminders and notifications. Designees will disseminate information throughout their college and campus.  

Please keep in mind that a proposal or review being sent back is an opportunity for faculty collaboration and conversation, which is the heart of the curriculum. The Designee process is intended to help faculty deliberate.  

College/Campus Designee
Agricultural Sciences Ricardo Mata-González
Business Prem Mathew
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Kaplan Yalcin
Education Gloria Crisp
Engineering David Blunk
Forestry Amy Riley
Honors  Susan Rodgers
Liberal Arts John Edwards
Public Health and Human Sciences Laurel Kincl
Science Jessica Siegel
Cascades Campus Patrick Ball
Faculty Support

Academic Programs and Assessment and Center for Teaching and Learning will be hosting training sessions prior to the Category Review deadlines. The Writing Intensive Curriculum and Difference, Power and Discrimination Directors will also offer trainings and workshops. The goal of training sessions are to advise faculty on Bacc Core requirements and how to prepare materials for a more effective and smooth review process. 

We highly encourage faculty to participate in training opportunities!