Launching Summer 2025!  

OSU's brand new General Education Curriculum

This webpage serves as a central hub for communication and resources for community college partners and academic advisors related to our new General Education curriculum. 

OSU is committed to Transfer Students - 

Transfer students were at the heart of our general eduction reform efforts. OSU’s General Education Model is broken into two main components: Foundational Core and OSU Signature Core. 

The Foundational Core is based upon the Core Transfer Map (CTM), which is a set of at least 8 courses (at least 30 credits) in categories outlined in the table below with a minimum grade of "C-" and minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. At least one required course must also meet the Cultural Literacy outcomes.  

  • The Core Transfer Map satisfies at least 30 credits of general education in eight categories, whereas the Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) and the Associates of Science Oregon Transfer (ASOT) satisfies all lower division general education requirements for a bachelor's degree. 


Writing Foundations (WR 121Z) (x)

4 credits​

Quantitative Literacy and Analysis (x)​

4 credits​

Art and Humanities - 2 courses (one global focus) (x)

6-8 credits​

Communication, Media, and Society (Social Science) (x)

3 credits​

People and Processes (Social Science) (x)

3-4 credits​

Scientific Inquiry and Analysis (Natural Science with lab) - 2 courses (x)​

8 credits​

Difference, Power, and Oppression: Foundations *​

3-4 credits​



2 credits​

Beyond OSU Career Integration​

0 credits​

Writing Elevation*​

3 credits​

Advanced Difference, Power, and Oppression​

3-4 credits​

Seeking Solutions​

3-4 credits​

Writing Intensive Curriculum​

In major​

Total credits​


(x) Core Transfer Map (CTM) curriculum, * Satisfied by AAOT in addition to CTM

*Courses in the Writing Elevation category are at the upper division (300/400) level, with the exception for WR 227Z.  Students who transfer WR 227Z will satisfy the Writing Elevation category.  Students who complete their AAOT writing requirement with a different writing course will be required to take a Writing Elevation post-transfer.