Shared governance of the Baccalaureate Core takes place through the Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC). The BCC is a Faculty Senate appointed committee charged with reviewing both existing and proposed Baccalaureate Core courses to ensure alignment with Bacc Core category learning outcomes, criteria and rationale. The BCC membership and standing rules can be found on the Faculty Senate Website.

Bacc Core Committee Partnership

To support university accreditation, the committee conducts reviews of the Baccalaureate Core program and courses within the curriculum. The reviews ensure the criteria, learning outcomes and rationale of the general education model are being met and they exist to evaluate student attainment of category learning outcomes. Assessment of the Baccalaureate Core is a process of shared governance through a partnership between the Faculty Senate BCC and the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA). APA provides administrative support for the process and the BCC conducts the reviews of the courses. 

Using resources provided by APA and Center for Teaching and Learning will smooth your path through the process, saving time for you and the committee. 

The Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) and Difference, Power and Discrimination (DPD) Directors are important resources who are here to help faculty develop robust offerings in these categories.

The WIC and DPD Directors serve in an Ex-officio capacity on the BCC to provide technical expertise to the committee in areas where particular instructional strategies are required.  Endorsements by these individuals can help the committee see that particular elements of a proposal have been checked in the context of those particular strategies, but are subject to further review for alignment with Bacc Core learning outcomes, criteria, and rationale.

In collaboration with the BCC, the Baccalaureate Core Director provides leadership and expertise, operational support, collaboration, and communication necessary for the BCC to effectively set strategy and maintain integrity for the Baccalaureate Core program.

You can learn more about the individual roles of the BCC partners and who to contact for specific questions here.