All new courses, as well as existing courses making significant changes are reviewed to ensure course content aligns with the category student learning outcomes and the course itself adheres to the required category criteria. These proposals are submitted through the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system at the request of the individual units and instructors responsible for the course.

CIM Proposal Review Process
  • Review of courses submitted in CIM - The BCC reviews curricular proposals for new Bacc Core courses, and changes to existing courses through the CIM system.
  1. The BCC Co-Chairs will assign courses to voting members on the committee for review.
  2. The reviewer uses the Faculty Senate approved learning outcomes, criteria, and rationale to assess a course using a standardized review form. If you have questions about the interpretation of these texts, consult with the Baccalaureate Core Director who can help you understand how the committee has interpreted the outcomes, criteria, and rationale.
  3. The reviewer will share their assessment at a Bacc Core meeting and the whole committee will have the opportunity to weigh in, provide feedback and share their insights. The committee follows Robert's Rule of Order when voting on possible actions for a CIM proposal.
  • Communication within CIM - The Co-Chairs return notes from the committee discussion through the CIM system when BCC approves or rolls back a proposal. Proposers are reminded that comments returned through CIM represent the consensus of voting members of the committee and are not a reflection of the co-chairs personal opinions. 
  • CIM workflow - The BCC is one step in the CIM workflow for new or change course proposals. After being approved by BCC, course proposals move to the Curriculum Council for review and follow other administrative steps in CIM. As shared governance committees composed largely of faculty, neither the BCC nor Curriculum Council meet during the summer months. New and change course proposals must meet quarterly scheduling deadlines and the catalog year deadline to become effective, scheduled, and offered to students for registration.
Helpful resources to aid in submitting a course in CIM:
Committee Review forms used to assess courses submitted through CIM

Sample syllabus matrix – recommended by the Bacc Core Committee


Faculty Support

Heath Henry, with Academic Programs and Assessment (APA), is here to support you in creating a new course or improving current courses. You can request an individual meeting with Heath or a workshop!

 Submitting a WIC or DPD course? The WIC and DPD Directors also offer trainings and workshops. The goal of training sessions is to advise faculty on Bacc Core requirements and how to prepare materials for a more effective and smooth review process. 

We highly encourage faculty to participate in training opportunities!