Faculty who teach in the Baccalaureate Core are at the heart of an OSU education.  

Teaching a Bacc Core course brings certain responsibilities:

  • Identify on the course syllabus which category of the Baccalaureate Core in which the course is certified.
  • Include the relevant Baccalaureate Core category learning outcomes verbatim on the syllabus and identify them clearly as the Baccalaureate Core Learning Outcomes for that Category.
  • Make sure the course meets all criteria for the category in which it falls.  
  • On the syllabus, make clear to students how Bacc Core category learning outcomes will be integrated into the course and assessed; we recommend utilizing a matrix showing alignment between category learning outcomes, course content, and assessment methods. 
  • Participate with the department/unit in the assessment and reporting of student learning, as requested by the Baccalaureate Core Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  • If the course is taught in multiple sections, campuses or modalities, participate with the department/unit to make sure students in various sections across the university have a consistent learning experience throughout the course.  In some cases, this might mean a common syllabus or common content outcomes and assignments. In other cases, Bacc Core outcomes will be the same, but the way an instructor arrives at meeting those outcomes may differ across sections, campuses or modalities. For courses offered at the Cascades Campus, please contact the Cascades Campus Bacc Core Coordinator

Faculty development opportunities related to Bacc Core teaching are available through the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Writing Intensive Curriculum Program and the Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program

If you have questions about teaching in the Baccalaureate Core, please contact the Baccalaureate Core Director, McKenzie Huber.