Meeting dates for the OSU Faculty Senate, OSU Board of Trustees, Statewide Provosts Council, and Higher Education Coordinating Commission are listed below.

Please note that most of these committees require program proposals to be submitted three weeks before the meeting. Because of this requirement and variable meeting schedules, it may take a few months for a proposal to move from one committee to the next.

  OSU Faculty Senate OSU Board of Trustees Statewide Provosts Council Higher Education Coordinating Commission Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
January January 13 January 27-28 January 5  

NWCCU reviews proposals on a rolling basis. They recommend submitting minor substantive change proposals at least two months prior to the planned implementation date and major change proposals at least six months in advance.

February February 10   February 2 February 10 (tentative)
March March 10   March 2  
April April 14 April 7-8 April 6 April 14 (tentative)
May May 12 May 26-27 May 4 May 12 (tentative)
June June 9   June 1 June 9 (tentative)
August       August 11 (tentative)
October October 13 October 26-28   October 12-13 (tentative)
November November 10     November 10 (tentative)
December December 8     December 8 (tentative)