Options are for students of a specific major. An option is one of several distinct variants of course aggregations within a major that focus on an area of study designed to provide a student with specialized knowledge, competence, and skills while sharing a minimum core of courses.

Options consist of a minimum of 21 designated quarter credits of related course work, 15 of which must be at the upper-division level.

 A graduate option consists of a minimum of 12 designated quarter credits of related course work (excluding thesis credits), comprised of course work offered by the sponsoring unit as well as by other academic units. The option may be comprised of specific courses, completion of a designated number of credits from a longer list of alternative courses, or a combination of specific and alternative course lists. Approved options may be added to a graduate program of study, and approved by the faculty advisor(s) and the director of the sponsoring unit. On the program of study, there should be no overlap in course credits between options (the same course cannot be used to satisfy credit requirements in multiple options). When the unit submits the final examination card to validate awarding of the major to the Graduate School, the unit will also validate that the requirements of the option have been completed.

For an undergraduate option to appear on a student's official academic record and transcript, the student must make application to the Registrar's Office at the same time formal application is made for a degree. The Graduation Audit from the Registrar's Office will list the option as well as the major and degree. This audit is sent to the student's dean for certification of the option at the same time the student is cleared for graduation.

To create, change, or drop an option, departments submit a New or Change Option Proposal. Proposals must contain a list of courses as they will appear in the OSU Catalog and documented liaison with all departments involved.

  • Courses required for an option may not count towards a minor in the same field of study. Students may not take an option and a minor from the same field of study.
  • Options must be approved by all academic units involved.
  • Courses may be selected from those offered by the sponsoring unit as well as by other academic units.
  • Course substitutions must be approved by the dean of the sponsoring college, who must certify that all requirements are fulfilled.
Approved By Date
Faculty Senate 05/10/2012
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 07/17/2002
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 11/12/1993
Faculty Senate (Meeting #450) 06/02/1988