Student learning outcomes are learner-focused statements reflecting what a student will be able to do as a result of an instructional activity. Each outcome statement should start with a measurable action verb that indicates the level of learning, followed by a precise description of the learned behavior, knowledge, or attitude. Bloom's Taxonomy is a useful tool for choosing action verbs that accurately describe a desired level of student learning.

For example, an OSU faculty member will be able to:

  • Identify an appropriate action verb from Bloom's Taxonomy that describes a particular level of learning.
  • Describe the desired behavior a student will be able to exhibit upon successful completion of a course.
  • Assess students' performance for evidence of desired learning.

Slash (4xx/5xx) courses must have differentiated learning outcomes for undergraduate and graduate students (i.e. two separate sets of learning outcomes listed on the syllabus). See the Slash (4xx/5xx) courses policy.

Undergraduate, graduate, and certificate program requirements and learning outcomes are listed in the Academic Catalog and many programs also post student learning outcomes and/or program goals on their websites.

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Office of Academic Programs and Assessment 09/20/2018