This policy is intended to provide flexibility in transcripting course work taken abroad when no exact OSU equivalency can be assigned. When courses taken abroad have a direct equivalency, the new system need not be utilized.

After evaluation by the appropriate OSU college and/or department, credits for foreign study may be recorded as:

  • OAAA X88 DEPT: Course Title (up to 30 characters) number of credits
  • O = Overseas Study AAA = three letter foreign study site code (key to codes printed on transcript)
  • X = course level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • DEPT = Department designator currently used
  • OAAA X88 courses will have a range of 1-15 credits to accommodate the recording of courses taken in different academic systems.

Example: A junior level 5-credit course in the History of Japan, assuming that no current course equivalent exists at OSU, taken at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, would be listed as: OWAS 388 HST: History of Japan 5 credits.

Colleges and departments will have the option of designating major/minor credit when courses are approved for credit. The Baccalaureate Core Committee will review requests for approval for Bac Core credit.

The new course designators and course descriptions will appear in the online catalog under Course Descriptions.