Standards for Non-Credit Academic Experiences

  • A clear description of the course must be available via web and schedule of classes.
  • Instruction shall be sufficient in breadth and length to meet the course objectives, proficiencies and competencies described.
  • Course syllabus and objectives/outcomes shall be included in the curriculum system for record keeping.
  • Curriculum Council approves non-credit offerings after they have the approval of the Office of the Registrar, if the intent is for them to be listed on the non-credit transcript.
  • Coordination and support for these standards is provided by the Office of the Registrar.  
  • Equitable reflection on the transcript among courses must demonstrate parity of the offering to ensure that the outcomes are met.
  • Only academic units may originate courses and/or request course designators.

The Office of the Registrar has information about creating non-credit courses.

Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 05/16/2017