Oregon State University requires all courses and all undergraduate and graduate academic programs (majors, minors and certificates) to have established student learning outcomes. All student learning outcomes must be measurable and assessed in a systematic manner. For approved credentials, annual assessment must include direct measures of student learning. 

Each course and program must have an appropriate number of learning outcomes to clearly articulate what students should achieve. Student learning outcomes for all programs are published in the Academic Catalog. Course student learning outcomes must be listed on every syllabus and must match for all sections of the course, regardless of location, modality, and instructor. In addition, slash (4xx/5xx) courses must list differentiated learning outcomes for undergraduate and graduate students (per the Slash (4xx/5xx) courses policy).  

A successful change proposal is required before modifying program or course learning outcomes.


The Office of Academic Affairs oversees this policy.


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Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 10/19/2022