Federal regulations (34 CFR § 668.43) require universities to establish a policy for determining the location of students enrolled in programs that lead to licensure or certification. The state in which a student is located must be determined at the time of a student’s initial enrollment in a program leading to licensure and when a student notifies the university that their location has changed. This policy describes the process and procedures for determining student location at Oregon State University. 

Student location: For purposes of this policy, the enrolled student’s location is the State listed in the permanent home address in the Student Information System.   

For Prospective Students, this is the State of the Prospective Student’s residency at the time the student applied for admission as entered in the admissions management software.    

For Students whose permanent address does not include a U.S. State or territory (e.g., Students living outside the United States), their location will be considered the State of Oregon. The Student’s location designation will remain in effect until the Student changes the U.S. State or territory listed in the Student’s permanent address in the Student Information System. Once a Student enters a new U.S. State or territory, the university will consider that date of entry as the effective date of a Student’s revised location for the purposes of this policy.  

All other university policies that determine Oregon residency for the purpose of tuition assessment will not be superseded by this policy. 

Further, the federal regulations require that each institution has a policy that defines Student location for purposes of complying with the disclosure requirements. Any direct disclosures related to educational programs and professional licensure/certification education requirements will be based on the Student’s location as set forth above. 

Definitions (for the purpose of this policy): 

  • Current students: Students who are currently registered or an active student in an Oregon State University educational program. 

  • Enrollment: Registered for coursework.  

  • Professional licensure program: A degree program (major or certificate) that can lead to professional licensure or certification. 

  • Prospective students: Students who have applied for admission to an Oregon State University program but who have not yet enrolled. 

  • Students: Students include current students and prospective students. 

  • State: The 50 United States, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  


Approved By Date
Curriculum Management 09/14/2023