In some cases, students may earn credit for repeating a course with the same course number. The academic unit monitors the repeatability characteristic of the course to avoid abuse of this feature.

If the course may be repeated for credit, the total number of credits that will be counted toward the academic program must be stated in the curriculum proposal. This number will be displayed next to the course description as “This course is repeatable for XXX credits.” The most common maximum credits for blanket courses is 16. For 503 (Thesis) and 603 (Dissertation) courses, the default maximum credits has been established as 999.  This is to prevent graduate students being affected by Academic Regulation 20, Repeated Courses. 

Additional Information: Course Numbering Guidelines

Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 03/08/2021
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 05/24/2018
Faculty Senate Graduate Council 05/09/2018