Dual listed slash courses (4XX/5XX) are offered at both the upper-division and graduate level. Students wanting undergraduate credit register for the 4XX number and those wanting graduate credit register for the 5XX number. Undergraduate students can enroll in the 500-level course with permission from the instructor.

Courses bearing dual-listed numbers must provide students who are enrolled for the 500-level credit with education and training that satisfies all of the following conditions. Evidence of the following distinctions must be clearly stated in the syllabus:

  • The 5XX course must include graduate-level work appropriate to the field (e.g., exams, papers, projects, problem sets, responsibility for lecturing or leading discussions, etc.),
  • Students enrolled for the 5XX credit must present work that is significantly more rigorous in both depth of study and methodology than students enrolled for the 4XX credit, and
  • When making qualitative evaluations of students, the instructor must hold students enrolled for the 5XX credit to a standard higher than those enrolled for 4XX credit.

In addition, curriculum proposals to create or change slash courses must clearly articulate the graduate level learning outcomes expected of students registered for the 5XX version of the course, as distinct from the outcomes expected of those registered for the 4XX version of the course.

In most cases this distinction should include emphasis on developing skills in analysis, synthesis, and/or evaluation for the 500-level credit, as opposed to, or in addition to, acquisition of knowledge, comprehension and application of information, which are more characteristic of undergraduate curricula.  In addition to different student learning outcomes, there should also be appropriate differences in instruction and evaluation procedures.

Credits for slash courses should be the same. Academic units wanting to add the 500-level to a 400-level course or the 400-level to a 500-level course must submit a course proposal to the curriculum proposal system.

Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 11/28/2018
Faculty Senate Graduate Council 11/02/2018
Faculty Senate Graduate Council 03/13/2003
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 04/25/2002