To suspend an existing program (degree, certificate, option, minor), submission of a Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) proposal form is required.

The proposal must be reviewed and approved by the academic unit and the college offering the program, faculty governance committees/councils, and by the administrative offices charged with maintaining the integrity of OSU's various programs in the online Catalog, Banner SIS, and MyDegrees.

Once approved, a program suspension is valid for up to three (3) years.  A suspended program can be listed in the online Catalog with a statement to the effect, "Suspended: Effective <Term, Year>, no new students are being admitted into the <title> program."

Students who matriculated into the program prior to the approved suspension, must be reasonably accommodated per the Catalog contract policies catalog year policy, including alternative courses.  No new students will be admitted once a program suspension has been approved.

After three years, (the actual year and term to be determined by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment in consultation with the academic unit), the program (major, certificate, option, minor) will:

  1. be reinstated (with evidence indicated in the reinstatement request proposal that there are adequate resources, faculty, facilities, program demand, etc. to once again offer the program),
  2. be terminated, or
  3. continue to be suspended for another academic year at the request of the academic unit or as a recommendation resulting from an undergraduate or graduate academic program review.  (Note: only one extension can be requested.)

A reinstated program will have the same courses and requirements at the time of suspension.  If changes to the program are warranted, these changes must come from subsequent CPS change proposals following reinstatement.

Approved By Date
Faculty Senate Curriculum Council 06/05/2015