Building on OSU’s already strong assessment culture, this revision project strives to simplify processes, refocus efforts on reflection and action, and amplify the use of assessment findings as a critical feature of teaching and pedagogy. The first step is to evaluate current practices for gathering, reviewing, and reporting undergraduate program student learning outcomes. With feedback from stakeholders, staff in Assessment and Accreditation will then develop streamlined reporting processes and report templates. Important goals are to promote robust full-cycle assessment and support units as they reflect on how assessment findings are used to inform programmatic decision-making, maximize student success, and advance continual improvement and accountability.

Timeline & Activities

Draft Assessment Rubric 2022

The draft rubric is being piloted by the Assessment and Accreditation team to help us create more useful feedback for the academic programs. After this round of assessment reporting, we plan to revise this rubric and incorporate feedback from campus wide assessment personnel.

Assessment Questionnaire

Assessment leads, faculty, and staff are invited to provide feedback about undergraduate assessment. Click here to complete the Assessment Questionnaire.

Listening Sessions

Five Listening Sessions are being hosted by the Assessment and Accreditation team to gather feedback about undergraduate assessment.

  • Wednesday, March 30th, 11 am (Zoom)
  • Thursday, March 31st, 1 pm (Zoom)
  • Tuesday, April 5th, 10 am (in person)
  • Wednesday, April 6th, 1 pm (in person)
  • Monday, April 11th, 3 pm (Zoom)

Click here to register for a Listening Session.

Questions & Comments

For additional information, please contact JoAnne Bunnage, Assistant Vice Provost, Assessment and Accreditation,  Kristin Nagy Catz, Director of Assessment or Heath Henry, Coordinator of Assessment.