CIM Access

Who can access CIM?

CIM access is restricted to OSU employees so you must log in using your ONID username and password. You must have been added to the CIM database in order to successfully log in. If you can't log in, send an email with your name, department, and position title to [email protected]. Please give us 24 hours to add you to the database.

How do I learn to use CIM?

Check CIM Support Materials and Proposal FAQs for quick starts, videos, and tips. Contact [email protected] to arrange for an individual or a group training.

CPS Archive

The Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) archive contains program (major, minor, option, certificate) and course proposals submitted between 2001 and November 2020, with the exception of new program proposals submitted before 2010.

How proposals move through CIM

  1. The Originator(s) is notified via email when the proposal is returned to them for revision, is in their CIM queue for another reason, or has been approved.
  2. The liaison review period is 7 calendar days. The review committees do not have a timeline, but do their best to review proposals in a timely manner.
  • Steps requiring faculty review will be delayed during Summer term or Winter break.
  1. Reviewer(s) must approve the proposal before it can move forward to the next step. The reviewer may send the proposal back to the originator(s) for revision. All questions and comments made by reviewers must be addressed by the originator prior to final approval and catalog implementation.