How proposals move through CIM


Proposals start the review process once all required (red) fields are completed and the originator presses ‘Submit.’

  • Workflow is the process by which proposals move through a review path.
  • Different workflows apply to different courses and programs – the selections you make in your proposal determine the workflow.

Proposal pre-check

Curriculum Management's Curriculum Coordinator and the Registrar’s Office Catalog Coordinator conduct a pre-check of all proposals before they go to liaisons. They look for common errors and contact the originator when they find an issue.

Liaison review

The liaison review period is 7 calendar days.

  • Liaisons are academic units that can provide cross-campus feedback or may be impacted by your request.
  • Proposals must have a minimum of three liaisons with at least two from outside the academic home of the originator.
  • Originators must address liaison feedback before re-submitting their proposal.
    • A response to liaison concerns or recommendations must be entered into the proposal in CIM using the green ADD COMMENT button. Any necessary changes to the proposal can be made using the EDIT button. Proposals cannot move forward in workflow until all liaison concerns and/or recommendations are addressed.

Committee Review

Review committees do not have a deadline by which to approve or send back proposals but do their best to review proposals in a timely manner.

  • Reviews are delayed during summer term and winter break when the review committees are on hiatus.
  • CIM provides easy access to the email address for the reviewer(s) associated with a particular review step.  In the “In Workflow” box, click the name of a review step – a draft email will open in Outlook if that functionality has been enabled. Otherwise, hover over the step and the email address will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the browser window.
  • In CIM, college reviewers are indicated by college code rather than name (e.g., 01 for Agricultural Sciences, 02 for Business).

Reviewer approval

Reviewer(s) must approve the proposal before it can move forward to the next step. A reviewer may send the proposal back to the originator(s) for revision but a justification for the send-back must be provided. All questions and comments made by reviewers must be addressed by the originator prior to final approval and Catalog implementation.

  • If a reviewer asks for an additional liaison to be added after the 14 day liaison period, the originator must email that liaison directly with a link to the proposal and ask them to ‘Add a Comment’ within 14 days.  Originators are not notified when a comment is added so it is their responsibility to check after 14 days and re-submit the proposal.

Approval notification

Originators will receive an email once their proposal is approved.

  • Check the effective term of the proposal so you know when your changes or new course or program comes into effect – do not assume the term you requested is the final term approved for implementation.
  • Upon approval of the proposal, department schedulers submit a request to schedule the course – courses do not have to be in the Catalog before scheduling can happen.