Required Information 


  • Consult Course Proposal Help Documents: 
  • Select ‘Yes’ to the first Core Ed question. 
  • For Bacc Core courses transitioning to Core Ed, the CIM form will pre-populate Bacc Core details.  
  • Answer all questions in the Core Ed section of CIM. These questions relate to both the Criteria and the Category Specific Learning Outcomes (CSLO) described in the LOCR document
  • Use the Category document links below for the Criteria and CSLO questions for each category as well as for other required questions in CIM. 


  • For Core Ed courses, a syllabus is required for all locations and modalities (Corvallis, Cascades, Ecampus, and hybrid). 

  • Ensure each syllabus meet the Syllabus Minimum Requirements policy. 

  • Include the required Core Ed course information: 

  1. The verbatim fulfillment statement regarding the Core Ed/Bacc Core categories. 
  2. The relevant category learning outcomes verbatim in an explicitly identified and labeled list which is located near the course fulfillment statement. 
  3. Make a direct, clearly stated connection between each listed Core Education category learning outcome and specific attributes of the course content. The level of detail used should make it evident to students how different aspects of the course fulfill the specific category learning outcomes. 
  4. Include a clear description to students of how the Core Education category learning outcomes will be assessed within the course. Assessments need to be described in enough detail that the connection between assessment method and learning outcome is apparent.  
  • Items 2-4 can be included in a matrix table. See syllabus templates for examples. 

  • Syllabus templates: 


CIM Questions and Syllabus Requirements for Each Category 

Foundational Core

  • Writing Foundations (document

  • Arts and Humanities – General (document

  • Arts and Humanities – Global (document

  • Quantitative Literacy & Analysis (document

  • Communication, Media & Society (document

  • Social Science (document

  • Scientific Inquiry & Analysis (document

  • Difference, Power, Oppression – Foundations (document)  

Signature Core